The “Eerste Leidse Schoolvereniging”


Almost 100 years of working together for each other!

For most parents choosing a good school for their child is one of the most difficult decisions they face as their child grows up. Usually parents have many questions: Does this school suit us and our child? Does the type of school suit the ideas we as parents have with regards to the education and development of our child? What is the atmosphere like at the school? Of course, these questions remain important throughout the whole time your child is at school, but they are questions which are particularly significant for parents when choosing a school for their child. We would like to help you in your decision-making.

Are you familiar with the Eerste Leidse Schoolvereniging in Leiden? De E.L.S. is a non-denominational primary school run by a board of governors consisting of parents from the school. Not only is the E.L.S a school where local and regional children attend, but we also have quite a number of children whose mother tongue is not Dutch. Often these children have parents who, for example, work for an international company within the Netherlands. Are you looking for a high quality primary school education for your child? Then why not consider the E.L.S.? Many international and Dutch parents alike have preceded you.

Good education

Almost 100 years the E.L.S has stood, and still stands, for good solid education. We provide particular attention to the development of each individual child. Additionally, we have never diverted from teaching on a classroom level. Teaching children to read, spell, write, and calculate well has remained a priority throughout. We believe that we provide “our children” with a solid knowledgebase for their future education.

Modern times

The teachers at the E.L.S work with much enthusiasm, following current educational standards and views and using up to date educational aids. In order to provide each individual child with maximum attention the class sizes are kept at around 25 pupils per class throughout the duration of the child’s primary school career. Thus each child is guaranteed ample individual (extra) attention.


Does your child require an additional challenge? Or maybe your child requires support in certain subjects? We offer experience and expertise at all levels. We pride ourselves on our policy and support with regards to (Motor) Remedial Teaching and children with a developmental advantage. For example, our specially trained counsellors can help children with a developmental advantage to achieve their full potential. These counsellors are teachers outside the classroom who are specifically employed to provide children with extra individual support where this is necessary. So, when required, your child can count on extra attention and support. After all, we know that each child is unique. It is something we take into account as a matter of course.

There is more

Of course learning is important, but there is more to school life than learning. The E.L.S. is a happy school. Children and parents alike feel at home. We provide a safe environment and believe that the atmosphere in the classroom is very important. Additionally, our school pays considerable attention to art, culture and sport.

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We are looking forward to welcoming you to our school!

11 reasons for choosing the E.L.S.

  1. The E.L.S. attaches great value in teaching the three “R’s” well.
  2. The E.L.S has a “continuous timetable” (i.e. the children bring their own packed lunches to school). All children remain at the school for lunch and play on the school playground under qualified and professional supervision.
  3. The E.L.S has small classes. During your child’s education at the E.L.S you are ensured of classes with on average 25 children.
  4. Your child will not be the only non-Dutch speaking child. The teachers have extensive experience in teaching children of whom Dutch is not their mother tongue.
  5. The E.L.S. pays considerable attention to culture (the arts), sport and music. The school has employed specifically trained teachers for these subjects.
  6. At the E.L.S children and parents feel at home. The children enjoy going to school (source: parent’s questionnaire).
  7. The E.L.S. is run by a board of governors consisting of parents from the school. As a result you as parent have a role in determining the course of the school.
  8. The E.L.S provides more than average counsellor time for children requiring extra support.
  9. The E.L.S has an enthusiastic team of professional and involved teachers. The professionalism and enthusiasm of the teachers is highly regarded and valued by the parents (source: parent questionnaire).
  10. The E.L.S. feels that each child should feel safe at school. Although we unfortunately cannot always prevent the occurrence of bullying at school, we do take such matters very seriously. When tackling bullying we follow a fixed formal procedure.
  11. When your child leaves the E.L.S after eight years, he or she will be ready for secondary education. Your child will be used to working independently and in a group, will be able to take responsibility and do homework. Additionally, your child will have the confidence to feel at home within a new social setting.

Welcome to the Eerste Leidse Schoolvereniging!