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    By registering at the E.L.S., I agree with the following conditions:
    - When the child's registration is official, at least one parent/ caretaker is obliged to become a member of the Schoolvereniging;
    - Subsequently, you are obliged to pay the subscription fee for the Schoolvereniging as well as the annual parental contribution, according to Article 1, Section 4 of the Household regulations of the E.L.S., as documented in the statutes. The payment will take place by direct debit, after written notice.
    - In case the student is enrolled from another school, a screening will take place.

    Permission for the use of photographic material of the child in the schoolguide, website and/or Facebook (without reference to the surname of the child) for the entire duration of the enrolment at the school:

    - The legal representatives have provided all information that the school needs to make an informed decision about the admission,
    - All fields are filled in completely, if applicable,
    - In case of withholding information and / or submitting an incomplete file, the duty of care is breached.

    How did you find out about the Eerste Leidse Schoolvereniging?
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